There are two areas in which I dont see a lot of activity:

  • Creating RSS feeds for my website
  • Selectively choosing "interesting" items from a feed.

1. Creating RSS feeds for my website

Say I put up a website. As with a lot of amatuer websites, I keep updating it. I want to add an RSS feed to it, so people interested in my website can track it. AFAIK - I dont know of any tools that let me do that. Unless I am technically inclined, I cannot automatically create a feed for my website.

Idea: Create a tool that will automatically create a RSS feed for my website.

2. Interesting items

As a consumer, I came across a lot of RSS aggregator services. However, a lot of times I am not interested in all items of a feed that I have subscribed to. Say I have subscribed to 50 feeds, it is not possible for me to scan all items in all 50 feeds. I want my aggregator to bubble up items that I will find interesting. Pipes from Yahoo does a bit of that, but it is very deterministic and can only analyze information in the feed itself. It cannot analyze information contained in the feed link.

Idea: Create a smart aggregator that knows items I will find interesting.